Top Things You Should Know When Sending Your Child To A Bilingual Elementary School

When searching for an elementary school for your child, you might have decided to look beyond traditional schools and programs and want to opt for a bilingual elementary school. If you're interested in sending your child to one of these schools for kindergarten or even for their full elementary education, these are some of the things that you're going to want to know. Most Bilingual Schools Operate in English and Spanish Read More 

5 Types Of Private Schools

Private schools offer alternatives to public school education, and many parents choose to enroll their children in private schools because they provide different learning methods. If you have a school-age child and are looking for an alternative to public school, here are five types of private schools that each offer a different learning experience. 1. Classical Private Schools Classical private schools provide a tried-and-true education, focusing on classic literature, languages, arithmetic, science, and other recognized subjects. Read More 

Some Of The Benefits Of An All-Girls Catholic High School

There are many benefits in choosing to attend an all-girls catholic high school. Girls at these schools feel more respected, confident, and do better academically than similar girls that attend an independent or public co-ed high school. Respect and Confidence Respect is a huge topic all around the world. Every group is asking for it, but it feels like nobody feels like they receive it or are willing to give it in return. Read More 

Compelling Reasons To Consider A High School Study Abroad Program

As a parent, you want to give your child every educational opportunity while they are still young. Rather than send them to public high school, you could consider enrolling them in a high school study abroad program. However, when you wonder if enrolling them in an international boarding school is the best opportunity for them, you can decide by first learning about a typical high school study abroad. Students who attend an international boarding high school typically enjoy these advantages. Read More 

Preschool, Your Child And What The Teacher Needs To Know

What should the preschool teacher know about your child? If your child is starting their first early education experience, take a look at the important information that can help their teacher to make the most of the pre-k school day. Personality Traits Is your child naturally shy? Or are they open and outgoing? It's perfectly normal for a preschooler to act quiet or anxious on the first few days of school. Read More