5 Types Of Private Schools

Private schools offer alternatives to public school education, and many parents choose to enroll their children in private schools because they provide different learning methods. If you have a school-age child and are looking for an alternative to public school, here are five types of private schools that each offer a different learning experience.

1. Classical Private Schools

Classical private schools provide a tried-and-true education, focusing on classic literature, languages, arithmetic, science, and other recognized subjects. These schools typically employ traditional learning methods, repetition, memorization, and exercises.

Parents generally choose to send their children to classical schools that value the subjects many adults have studied. The schools also typically see the importance of discipline and perseverance that learning methods like repetition and memorization require.

2. Religious Private Schools

Religious private schools may be Christian, Jewish, or other religions. These schools normally have religion classes in addition to standard subjects such as math, reading, and science. As such, parents who send their children to these schools usually hold the same religious beliefs, and they value their children learning with that worldview in mind.

3. Alternative Private Schools

Alternative private schools use a non-traditional teaching method. Most often, the method removes the focus on grades. They may ignore grades altogether, or offer a different method of measuring achievement. Therefore, parents who choose alternative schools generally want a learning experience that is not so focused on performance. 

Should you send your child to such a school, however, be aware that future schools may want a known assessment of your child's education thus far. For example, many colleges prefer to see grades so they can compare applicants fairly. This issue is typically addressable, but you should talk with an alternative school's administration about how they deal with the problem.

4. Method-Based Private Schools

Some private schools use a specific learning method, such as the Montessori or Waldorf teaching methods. These methods have been developed end research by their creators, and some educators and parents prefer the methods. 

Overall, if you are interested in a method-based private school, talk with a school's administration about the merits of their particular teaching style.

5. Outdoor Private Schools

A few private schools offer an outdoor-based educational experience along with the standard subjects such as reading and arithmetic. These schools offer atypical learning experiences that are outdoors. Students learn about everything from biology to ecology and how to live in nature.