Some Of The Benefits Of An All-Girls Catholic High School

There are many benefits in choosing to attend an all-girls catholic high school. Girls at these schools feel more respected, confident, and do better academically than similar girls that attend an independent or public co-ed high school.

Respect and Confidence

Respect is a huge topic all around the world. Every group is asking for it, but it feels like nobody feels like they receive it or are willing to give it in return. Girls at co-ed high schools can often feel like their opinions are not respected by their peers and teachers. It is hard to feel confident enough to succeed when the students do not feel like their opinions are respected. When girls get to be in a single-sex setting, they can develop their confidence by truly expressing themselves and competing. In this setting, the science behind how the female brain grows, matures, and functions are taken into account. The girls can feel more confident that their opinions will be respected when they share them, and they will feel freer to share what they are thinking and feeling.

Academic Proficiency

The students at all-girls catholic high schools may have higher scores and progress farther in academics than the girls that study at co-ed high schools. One study showed that important study habits that the all-girls catholic high school helped to instill in the girls were key for them when advancing through their degrees. When follow-up was done in college, the girls responded that they felt like the classes that they saw their friends struggling in were often fairly easy for them by comparison. They mentioned that it was partly because of the study habits that they had formed in their earlier years. More than 80% of them responded that they felt like they were highly successful academically, and nearly 80% of them said that they feel like the classes in their all-girls catholic high school pushed them to their full potential academically. Some of the girls mentioned that their higher education professors could tell that they had graduated from an all-girls catholic high school.

All girls catholic high schools are a wonderful option for girls that want a higher chance of success in their future academics and the respect and confidence that come with studying with those who have similar values and experiences. Reach out to an all-girls school in your area to learn more about that option for your children.