Does Your Child Need A Tutor?

If you have a child who struggles in one or more subjects at school, you might not know how to proceed; does your child just need to work harder? Or does the problem run deeper than study habits? Depending on the problem, hiring a tutor could solve some of your child's academic issues. If your child exhibits the following behaviors, look into hiring a tutor for them. 

Missing Assignments

Often, parents exhort their poorly performing students to just try harder. But if your child has numerous missing or incomplete assignments, the problem may not be laziness. When students cannot understand the material, they often avoid doing their homework because it makes them feel inadequate. Rather than face the problem, they ignore it. Hiring an experienced tutor can take much of the pressure off of your student and help them complete assignments correctly and in a timely manner. 


When your child reaches the preteen years, they may begin to reject your help with their homework because they are struggling to become more independent. This is a natural phase, but can be a particularly frustrating one for parents. Even if you are a math professor, chances are your child will still refuse your help with math because they simply do not believe that you can be right about anything. Hiring an objective third party can help your child perform better in school and help protect your relationship. 

Learning Disabilities

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 4.7 percent of the students enrolled in public schools suffer from a learning disability. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, or some other learning problem, hiring a tutor can make the difference between them falling behind or staying current with their classmates. Even though you have probably made yourself an expert in the condition, you may simply not have enough time to give your child all the extra help they need. A tutor with experience in your child's particular learning disability can help them find academic success and better self-esteem. 

Even the most involved parents cannot always give their children all the homework help and other learning support they need. Sometimes your children are simply confused by a particular subject. In other instances, your child may simply reject your help in an effort to exert their independence. No matter what the reason, your child can benefit from the help of an expert tutor.  

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